Sitemap - 2023 - Rational Exuberance

Happy New Year!

The rally that just won't quit

Doves fly at the Fed...and the market loves it

Beware the Fed Grinch?

Here comes Santa Claus?

Binge on diet drug stocks this Thanksgiving?

Consumers cautious...but retail stocks surging

Have the bears gone into hibernation?

Bulls on parade after CPI shows slowing inflation

Crypto is back

Soft landing? Or the softest landing?

Hershey's stock has been more trick than treat

No recession yet...but cracks emerge in economy

Wall Street's Alphabet cloud temper tantrum

Black gold: Oil merger boom is here

Tech earnings get set to take center stage

Go super long or super short these top 2 stocks

Go against the Tide?

What now?

Banks get a boost, but...

Inflation nation

So much for the jobs report sell-off?

Jobs report is bad news for the inflation hawks

Place your bets on the jobs report

It's all about the bond yields

Don't believe the hype

DraftKings remains sports betting royalty

Fed: Higher rates for longer = soft landing?

Pet peeves?

Lehman: 15 years later

Shot in the IPO Arm?

Nvidia succumbs to law of gravity. For how long?

Tesla stock continues its electrifying run

Apple angst

Don't sweat September stock swoon?

Drug store drama

August and everything after, or what I did on my summer vacation


Omaha! Omaha!

Ready, set, pause?

Market meme madness has returned

Intel feeling chipper about PC comeback

The bull market that just won't quit

The Fed: See you (and a pause) in September?

More to the market than FAANG (and Tesla)

Cuckoo for Carvana?

Morgan Stanley puts pressure on Goldman Sachs to deliver

Stocks keep climbing as earnings parade rolls on

Time to load up on hot tech...and boring utilities?

AI continues to be the answer for tech investors

Stocks popping as inflation cools

Here comes earnings season

Prime buying opportunity for Amazon stock?

It's been a very good year for far

Electric plane sector takes off. But is it a bubble?

Better eat more Wheaties? General Mills sinks

Walgreens hit by end of Covid fear, wary shoppers

CarMax soars but consumers still feeling skittish

The central bank hawks will never die?

Bitcoin is back

Home run for homebuilders

Apple and Microsoft in a race to $3 trillion

Market getting a little too frothy?

Sorry, Wall Street. No rate cuts any time soon

This is what it sounds like when hawks cry

Wall Street cheers inflation slowdown

All eyes on the Fed

Tesla stock charges ahead

Game over for GameStop?

SEC crackdown on crypto continues

No worms for Apple investors

Jobs market healthy, but is Fed pause coming?

Regional bank rebound may be short-lived

Sell (some stocks) in May and go away?

Nvidia is ninth company to reach $1T market cap

Nvidia may soon join the $1 trillion tech club

Paging Dr. Copper!

Lowe's: Rhymes with woes

Lyft is not pretty in pink

C is for Complacency

It's gotta be the shoes? Not for Foot Locker

Revenge of the FAANGs!

Meta Platforms. Do call it a comeback?

Target has a problem beyond slowing economy

You can't spell Nvidia without AI

No home sweet Home (Depot)

Cracks are forming in the market and economy

Time for Jerome Powell to exhale?

Have we learned nothing from 2011?

Not in Omaha? Here's a Berkshire meeting recap

How does Warren Buffett like them Apples?

What recession?

Jerome Powell's Bernanke moment?

Drugs, drinks and horses

Prepare for the Powell pivot?

Oh, SNAP! Not all social media sites are thriving

Recession? Just a slowdown?

Holy guacamole! Chipotle at all-time high

Microsoft doesn't need Activision Blizzard

The pause that refreshes? Not yet.

Yearning for earnings

Requiem for a meme

I'm ba-ack!

Coming soon